The Sea of Galilee – (The Kinneret)

The Sea of Galilee also known as; the Lake Tiberias or Kinneret is a freshwater lake in the city of Israel. It is the lowest ever freshwater lake on earth. This lake is a part of three countries; Israel, Syria, and Lebanon. It has many other names depending on the Hebrew Bible and the old testimony and is a part of a rich culture. The width of this lake is thirteen kilometers and the shore length is about 53 kilometers, covering an estimated area of one hundred and sixty-six square kilometers or sixty-four square miles respectively.

 The main source of this lake is the Jordan River, through which the Jorden River flows. It is quite famous in terms of religious prospective that Jesus, performed a lot of miracles at this holy sea.

To know more about its religious value, let’s look at some of the details mentioned below;

Religious Importance

The Sea of Galilee is mentioned in the Old Testament and is believed to be the lake where Jesus Christ used to perform miracles by walking on the water and healing the blind or ill and resurrecting the dead. It has many sacred places along the coast and is close to the holy city of Tiberian. Places like Tagha where Jesus fed around five thousand people and the “sermon of the mount” is close by it. This is close to the place where Jesus spent most of his life and began his public career, to spread the message of God. It is also close to the place where he was crucified by the Romans.

Places at Sea of Galilee

The galilee sea has many tourist attractions for visitors to come by and enjoy. At first, let me introduce you to the mount of beatitudes. It is a hill in the area where Jesus delivered his famous sermon of the mount, a famous tourist attraction for Christians and researchers who just want to travel the world. The mount area is full of beautiful trees most of them are olive trees and have a miraculous display of nature close to the Israel-Jordan border. The place has a very beautiful, eye-catching view and the church of beatitudes is also located there with the beautiful greenery and lush view of extravagant flowers and trees.

Have a look at some more great places you can visit while your tour to Sea of Galilee.

1. Mount Arbel 

 It is situated in the lower galilee region and is a huge nature reserve a theme park full of large rocks and from the top gives a very pleasant view of the Sea of Galilee. It also has biblical importance and a great site for hiking. From there, you can see the Golan Heights and a wonderful view of nature.

2. Yardenit 

Another Christian pilgrim site, this place is situated in the very northern banks of Jordan lakes at the Sea of Galilee. Known for being a very famous Baptist site, each year it is visited by half a million pilgrims and it is believed that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist by the water in this area. People come to see the freshwater and witness the baptism of many Christians.

3. Church of Primacy of St Peter at Tabgha

The famous place where it is believed that Jesus cooked fish and breakfast after being resurrected the third time. It is also located at the Sea of Galilee and is an often visited site by many tourists to this day.

4. Net fishing

A very common practice in this area performed by the natives and also by the visitors. Fishing is very delighting in this part of Israel where people mostly try to catch the very famous and delicious Redbelly tilapia also known as “Saint Peters fish.” It is served in many restaurants in Tiberias. We advise you to check it out once when you ever get the chance to visit there.

How to Get There?

It’s a little difficult to get to the area of the Sea of Galilee as public buses transports and cars are very less here. The most efficient way from Tel Aviv to there is through road, and by arranging a travel guide with you but the most appreciated way to get there is via boat. These are the best suggested and most liked and cheap companies to provide convenient service for a boat traveling tours Ein Gev or Lido.

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