Best 5 Attractions of Israel

Israel is a country filled with cultural, historical and religious importance. It’s a place where people from all over the world come to visit more often to know about the historical values, cultural backgrounds and much more. If you are heading for a tour to Israel, or are currently living there and have not decided yet which place to visit? Then worry no more, as we are about to guide you regarding the top most beautiful attractions and must-visit locations in Israel.

There are many attractions in Israel, ready to mesmerize you and take you to the old times, however, the ones we have chosen are beautiful, special and highly visited and loved places for tourism. These locations are mentioned as follows;

1. The Hula Valley

Hula Valley, known as one of the best bird-watching sites in the world. It previously used to be called “Lake Hula” due to its draining. It’s a beautiful agricultural region where birds come to migrate from various locations including Syria, Africa, Europe, and Asia. This place represents the best natural scenery, due to the Golan Mountains behind it, making it a picture-perfect place. In the upper Galilee, Hula valley is used for hiking, bird watching, and many other outdoor activities.

2. Ramon Crater

The Ramon Crater, located in the Negev Desert, is known as the beautiful natural wonder for the people living there. It’s beautiful yet historical. It was developed naturally about millions of years ago. At that time, the sea flooded around this specific area, developing layers of hard limestone rock. Under it, is featured a soft layer of sand, making it look exceptional.

3. The City of Gold

The beautiful “City of Gold”, known as Jerusalem, is a place known highly of its religious and historical importance which you can experience from the narrow streets of the Old City, or from taking a look at “Haas Promenade”, known as the glistening stone, having a religious importance to many people. Also, you get to see the Jerusalem hills here, making it even more worthy to visit.

4. The Mediterranean Coast Sunset View

The sunsets at the Mediterranean are extremely beautiful. During the sunset, the sky is loaded with beautiful colors variations of red, yellow, orange, sky blue, and grey. It’s as if it’s a painting that came right out of a fantasy novel or a portrait. Many people come from far away come here just to get a glimpse of this beautiful view.

5. The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a natural wonder of the world. It has known dead due to having a lot of salt within the water, that no living organism such as; fishes, octopus, frogs, etc. can survive in it and eventually die. People come here for a swim, sailing on paddle boats, taking pictures and much more. It’s the only sea located within a desert known as “The Negev Desert” so that you get to have a unique experience of paddle boating in a sea, within a desert.

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