Tuscany in Romania!

Yes yes, an hour and twenty away from Bucharest, a small Tuscany is hidden.

Adjacent to the town of Mizil, there is an area full of vineyards and wineries, in some of which you can taste local wine and most importantly, amazing views of endless vineyards and palaces.
You can download an attraction and add Mogoshuaya Palace
track : winery: Licorna Winehouse
Restaurant between the vineyards (stone wine cellar): Crama de Piatra
Ferma Dacilor Besides a great restaurant, they also offer Pony rides and attractions for children

The 1777 Wine Cellar Museum (Muzeul Crama de lemn 1777) is a reproduction of the oldest wineries dating back to 1777, which was preserved in its original form until 1985. The carved oak beam structure has a tiled roof. Inside you can discover old tools and machines used in the wine production process. In the cellar there are noble local wines reserved for aging, and in the deep cellar, on long wooden tables, sit old clay pots from 1789. In the mansard there is an ethnographic exhibition entitled “Twigs of Life
*Not open on Mondays

For bookings for more than 8 people – Contact us privately
The price of the trip does not include entrance to the sites and your meals. The trip is private. That is, only you in a spacious car.

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